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Dr. Tameisha Matthew

Dr. Tameisha Matthew is Bermuda’s first and only Health Psychologist.
Health Psychology is the study of psychological and behaviour processes in health, illness, and the healthcare system. Health Psychology focuses on understanding how our biological, psychological, and social factors affect health and illness. By examining how these factors influence each other, we can develop ways to improve our physical and psychological health and well-being. Health psychologists, such as Dr. Matthew apply psychological science to promote health, prevent illness and improve health care systems.
Following the completion of her Health Psychology MSc, Dr. Matthew began working under supervised practice in the capacity of a Trainee Health Psychologist in Bermuda within a multidisciplinary team (MDT) in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Weight Management. Her role involved facilitating and analysing pre-assessment questionnaires, conducting 1:1 assessments, formulations, and interventions, and delivering a psychoeducation class on behaviour change.

Prior to completing her Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology from UWE Bristol, Dr. Matthew worked with the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) in the Clinical Health Psychology and Gynaecology Departments. In this capacity, she conducted 1:1 assessment, formulations and provided psychological support and advice. Additionally, Dr. Matthew designed and delivered a module, including lectures, seminars, tutorials and marking assessments, for the first MSc Health Psychology cohort at the University of Buckingham. This role lead to the primary lecturer position for the BSc Psychology programme.

Recently, Dr. Matthew represented Bermuda at the British Psychological Society’s Division of Health Psychology Conference in Bristol, UK. She was the first Bermudian to present at this conference and introduced the first Bermuda-based Health Psychology research with a focus on Bermudian participants. The findings from the research were unique and culturally-relevant to the Bermudian population which provides an evidence-based foundation to develop personalised, cost-effective solutions to improve type 2 diabetes self-management.
Dr. Matthew is Chartered with the British Psychological Society (ID 282914) and registered with Bermuda Psychologists Council (ID PSY84) and the Health Care Professions Council, UK (ID PYL040068). Additionally, Dr. Matthew was appointed to serve as a Bermuda Hospitals Board Member.
Dr. Matthew has over 10 years of experience and understands the importance of quality, patient-centred care and looks forward to contributing her unique skillset to the community and the Wholistic Wellness team.