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Meet Our Experts

Jill Bennett

Jill has been in the Sport, Fitness and Personal Training industry for more than 35 yrs now. For 15 years as an elite athlete whose life centered around high-level training and pushing to and beyond the limits. Jill switched focuses to the specialized field of Restorative Movement and Holistic Health Coaching to move through her own setback of ovarian cancer and a life altering surgery in 2007.  Diving into this specialized field to help recover and build again, Jill now shares this path with others moving through minor to major injury, surgery, and various other setbacks.  

Drawing from many mind, body and soul modalities from corrective exercises, muscle balancing, postural correction, embodiment and respect for the body relationship, meditation and mindfulness, gut and energy restoration, wholistic nutrition, healing trauma, releasing limiting beliefs and other whole-self work for a truly wholistic approach to our overall well-being.

When life throws a curve ball into our sense of health, it can feel overwhelming, directionless, and certain sense of resignation. There is truly no limit to the possibilities in our human body’s ability to recovery.  We truly don’t know where and how far a body can heal after insult.  We need the absence of the ‘irritant’ and the addition of healing; time, attention, guidance…and likely motivation, modelling, and assurance.  When we work within the limits of the body in any given moment…we reignite the innate healing wisdom.

Jill has been a Personal Trainer since 2002 and obtained various certifications 

2009 Holistic Lifestyle Coach from the CHEK Institute

2010 Life Coach Fowler International Professional Coaches

2011 Reiki Lvl 2  

2013 Yoga RYT200hr

2014 Feldenkrais Training (on going)

2015 Holistic Coaching from Journeys of Wisdom 320hrHC

2017 Myers Method Kinetic Myofascial Integration

2022 Mindfulness Teacher from The Interdependence Project (MTT200hr)