Brain Photomodulation

Brain Photomodulation

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Brain photobiomodulation is a treatment that uses light-based
technology to optimize the function of your brain. It can help you
improve your memory, focus and mental clarity, and even help you sleep



What are the benefits of brain photobiomodulation?

  • Improved memory: The most common effect of brain
    photobiomodulation is improved memory retention. You may find it
    easier to recall information or learn new skills or languages.
  • Improved focus: Brain photobiomodulation can also improve focus
    and attention, making it easier for you to stay on task for long
    periods of time. This could be particularly helpful in the workplace
    where multitasking is common and improvement in focus could lead
    to improved productivity.
  • Better balance of neurotransmitter production: The balance of
    neurotransmitters (such as serotonin) in your brain is important
    because they influence mood, sleep patterns, appetite and more!
    Brain photobiomodulation may help with this balance by increasing
    the production of one or more neurotransmitters while decreasing
    others – resulting in improved moods/sleep/appetite control; as well
    as helping people who suffer from chronic pain due to poor levels of
    serotonin production

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