Wholistic Wellness is now offering meal planning! Either as a stand-alone service for someone who just wants some guidance on what to eat, or as an add on for any current nutrition client at Wholistic Wellness Center. The meal plan will consist of seven days of recipes for 4 weeks, and it is fully customizable to your unique style of eating, food preferences, and situation. We use a program called Real Plans. It has an app you can use or if you prefer to have it be on paper, we can do that too. The program not only creates a fully customizable meal plan, it also creates a customized grocery list, to which you can add items to make a complete grocery list. It really takes the “I want to eat healthy, but I don’t know what to eat” out of the equation.

According to the experts, the top five advantages to meal planning are

  1. You’re more likely to reach your health goals.
  2. It can save you lots of money. Who doesn’t need to save money on groceries these days?
  3. It enables variety and gives you control.
  4. Meal planning streamlines shopping and decreases food waste.
  5. Meal planning prevents decision fatigue. Meaning you never have to stress about what to make for dinner. You already know.