Supermarket Visit / Label Reading Workshop

Supermarket Visit / Label Reading Workshop

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Have you ever picked up a product and turned it round to scan the ingredients only to find yourself confused by all the information and convoluted figures? When did it get so busy on our packets and what does it all mean?



When it comes to grocery shopping, we face so many different options and many times we choose without really knowing what we are buying and what makes up the foods that we eat. Often we don’t know what the ingredients are or the actual nutritional values of the foods we buy. Marketing and the food industry have made a huge effort to sell everything as “natural” , high fiber, low fat, nutritious, etc.” unfortunately a lot of times this is just clever marketing and once you attend this workshop you will be surprised at how unnatural the product actually is. In this workshop you be equipped with everything you need to be able to make healthier choices including:

  • How to read labels in order to understand what we buy and look for hidden ingredients such as sugars.
  • Discover new healthy foods to be enjoyed by the whole family.
  • Pick up tips on ingredients which make meal prepping simple
  • Learn how to pick highly nourishing foods in order to make balanced meals for the whole family.
  • Learn to recognise how your emotions also influence the way you shop.
  • Tips from the moment in which you arrive at the supermarket to equip you to make better decisions that affect your wellbeing as well as that of your entire family

Sign up to this workshop and learn to shop like a nutritionist!

Workshops can be booked as one on ones or as small groups of 3 people. So why not get your friends or coworkers together for a fun hour along the aisles!

1 review for Supermarket Visit / Label Reading Workshop

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