Postural Assessments and Correction

Postural Assessments and Correction

Postural assessments and correction is a type of physical therapy that
corrects your posture for you. It’s designed to help you eliminate pain
and discomfort, improve overall health, and reduce the risk of injury.



Postural assessments and correction is a specialty within physical
therapy that focuses on improving your posture. Your posture is what
makes up your body’s shape—whether you’re standing up straight,
sitting at a desk, or laying down in bed. Postural assessments and
correction can help you maintain good posture while doing everyday
activities like walking down stairs or running errands. It can also help
prevent injuries like knee pain or back pain.
Postural assessments and correction helps improve your ability to move
more freely through daily activities with less pain or discomfort. If you
have back pain already or are at risk for developing future problems due
to poor posture, then postural assessments may be right for you!


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